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You are the sacred text.

I come to you as an edge walker, a truth keeper, a midwife to your Soul. I am a spiritual guide here to help you transition through the shadows, transform yourself and be reborn into your life. I invite you into my offerings that act as a catalyst for you to begin remembering your connection as a being of the earth and living a soul-led life.

In my teachings, I show you how to return home to your heart by tapping into your own innate wisdom. You already have everything you need within you to discover your unique gifts and birth your purpose in this lifetime.

I love the deep dive... the intense, the powerful, the groundbreaking, the shapeshifting, the initiations that really shake up our lives... It is truly such a pleasure to help you through these thresholds on your journey.

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I adore working 1:1 with people who feel ready for my teachings and offerings. Those who are ready to face the darkness and be reborn from the ashes. My 1:1 space is designed for those who are ready to take ownership of their healing and receive what they need on their path. We will journey through everything that your conscious mind wants to avoid. We do not hide from the truth or the darkness, we face it so you can truly rise.

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The Sacred Feminine is the highest expression of your own individual feminine energy.

The Wild Woman is the untamed part of you that boldly embraces your authentic self, your passions and your intensity for life.

The Earth Goddess Collective is where these two parts of yourself meet.

I've created an online home for us to gather in conscious space with like-minded women. Myself and three other powerful feminine leaders have brought together spiritual practices that are proven methods to change your mindset, upgrade your frequency, clear your blocks and own your authenticity... while also giving you earth wisdom and practices to ground it all into your being inside our year-long immersion of the Earth Goddess Collective.

If you are a woman who's ready to discover her wildness and embrace her feminine power, this is for you!

"Those who do not howl, will never find their pack" ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Earth Goddess Collective

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